An Essential Guide for Women on Making Career Choices


    The former U.S secretary of state, Hillary Clinton once said that “women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world”. At present, our world seriously lacks women role-models whom we can look up to. Very sadly, our talent gets lost somewhere in the middle of a hectic life. Sometimes women feel that they should stop dreaming big because chasing dreams don’t seem to fit into the reality of making homes and bringing up kids.

    So, most of us give up on our career, because that appears to be the simplest and socially acceptable “right” thing to do. If women make their careers, the number one priority is, they should be able to break through 3 huge deal breakers and doing so will help them proceed with their journey in the workplace.

    1. A Perfect Work-Life Balancesmiling-lady-on-beachThe most important deal breaker remains the haunting “Work-Life balance”. Work-Life balance continues to be an undefined concept without a clear definition. Each person whether it be a man or a woman doesn’t think or work like each other. Every woman should go about individually figuring out the best way to balance personal life and work life. Finding work-life integration plays the pivotal role in a woman’s life. Women have a weird thing ingrained in their DNA. They want to have everything at the same time. This trait leads working women to burn out much earlier than men and it’s a proven fact. Research says that millennial women burnout at work by 30. Isn’t that surprising?

    2. Stop Trying To Imitate Others
    The second largest deal breaker is the fact that ‘women try hard to imitate others’. Especially at the workplace, women are so busy trying to keep up with their male colleagues and they forget to be their own self. This ends up leaving women disillusioned. They lose focus and end up with career choices that they would never have wanted to make. The formula for making a career option work for you is to Be Yourself, in thought, action and words.

    3. Bold is Beautiful
    And finally, the third biggest deal breaker is for women to Be Bold. Being Bold about the career choices you make and not being apologetic about it is an excellent quality. Many women find it necessary to justify their career choices.

    We need to be bold enough to try and work in new areas. This tests our abilities to the fullest. As women, it’s of supreme importance that we don new roles and be unafraid of them. We need to have more confidence and give up on the feeling that we must be perfect – it’s okay to learn as you go.

    To summarize, women need to follow this simple magical phrase “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water”. No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around you. Success is never reached alone and wisdom and wealth are sweeter shared.


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