Now Add About Business to Your Local Listing in Google My Business


Now add a business explanation to your local listing panel in Google My Business.

Google has recently made an announcement on Twitter that businesses can now add a business description to their Google local listings panel in Google My Business. This business description could show up in the local listing panel in search or in Google Maps results for the business.

We saw this feature coming, and now it seems to be fully rolled out to be used by businesses across globe.

To add description to your local business listing, log in to Google My Business, click on the “Info” button on the menu bar at left, and then you’ll see that one of the new sections is labelled “Add business description” right below “Add attributes”. Click on the pencil icon next to that field, and a new window will pop up allowing you entering a short description of your business.


Google has also posted more details about this new feature in its help docs.


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